IEEE Madras Section SPF proposal received from the participants were preliminary evaluated and recommended for the final project submission. SPF 2018-19 scrutinized for the final demo and validation are listed below.

Sl.No. Project Title College Name Sl.No. Student Details Membership No.
1 IOT  Based Real Time Monitoring & Controlling System For Food Grain Procurement And Storage Aarupadai Veedu Institute Of Technology 1 Velmurugan.S 94368809
2 Secured Authentication Using Face Recognition By Hybrid Local Descriptors St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering 1 Sowmiya M 94484989
2 Srinidhi.R 94484863
3 Early Detection Of Disbetic Peripheral Neuropathy PSG College Of Technology 1 S. Pradeeph 94862272
4 Intelligent Surveillance System For Home Secutirty Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College Of Engineering 1 J.Pretty Bell Gracelin 94488129
2 M.Priyadharshni 94488155
3 M.Senthil Bhuvaneshwari 94488264
4 E. Sobana 94505822
5 Automated Parking Slot Allocation Using RFID Technology Muthayammal  Engineering College 1 Ms.Charitha.Bv 94177332
2 Ms.Kanimozhi.D 94177410
6 Development Of A Novel Soc Estimation Method And Charging Algorithm For Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (Phevs) SRM Institute Of Science And Technology 1 Anirudhh Ravi 94048374
7 Cashline Security System Using Dactylography Technology K S Rangasamy College Of Technology 1 Kaviya R 94310371
2 Kiruba Shankarr B P 94310622
3 Pavithra A 94311011
4 Praveen R 94311079
8 E-Cattle Health Monitoring And Fertility Detection  Using Iot Dr. N.G. P. Institute Of Technology 1 Mr.S.Bharathkumar 95047075
2 Mr.P.Karthikeyan 95047060
3 Mr.M.Sherwin 95047050
4 Mr.S.Sijon 95047061
9 Non – Invasive Screening Of Anaemia Using Artificial Intelligence KCG College Of Technology 1 Monisha K 93994441
10 Smart First Aid Kit Using Raspberry Pi St. Joseph’s Institute Of Technology 1 Vignesh R 94014585
2 Ruban Raja A 93999666
11 Reader For Blind And Visually Impaired Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Jain Engineering College 1 B. Rajeshwari 94834107
2 N. Banupriya 94834151
3 G. Ramya 94834101
12 Dynamic & Decisive Crop Specific Irrigation Management System Using Machine Learning And Iot Vit Chennai 1 Krishnakumar M 95106788
2 Aylmer Britto R 95110192
13 Presence Of Peculiar Person Based On Facial Assimilation Using Machine Learning K S Rangasamy College Of Technology 1 Lingeshwari C 94311085
2 Pavithra A M 94310337
3 Vibichant N 94294762
14 Smart Speaking System For Dumb People Using  Iot Knowledge Institute Of Technology 1 K.Anu 94045114
2 B.K. Praveen Kumar 93978216
3 D. Rosini 94045205
15 Intelligent Smart Poliy Hous For Roof Top Irrigation Dr. N.G. P. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1 Mr. H. Rifaaz Ahamed 95047757
2 Mr. S. Madhavan Srinath 95047079
3 Ms. M. Madhupriya 95047090
4 Mr. J. Shankar Prasath 95048573
16 Smart Agriculture Robot Panimalar Institute Of Technology 1 C.Angel Teresa 94264649
2 Jenifer Mercy Carolina 94296315
3 V.M. Nandhini 94265108
4 V. Jayashree 94264184
17 Iot Based Monitoring And Controlling Of Automobiles K. Ramakrishnan College Of Technology 1 R.Saravanan 94452836
2 M.Tharani 94452437
18 On-Board Gps Based Traffic Zone Alert System Muthayammal  Engineering College 1 Mr.S.P.Arvindkumar 94177447
19 Smart Military Reconnaissance Vehicle Using Iot VIT Chennai 1 Lijin G Varghese 93617246
20 Automatic Solar Tracking System And Data Logging Using IOT St. Xavier’s Catholic College Of Engineering 1 C. Lincy Theresa 94302775
2 E. G. Sajithra 94072675
21 Women’s Safety Device Using A Puls Detector With Location Tracking Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Jain Engineering College 1 A.Kalaimathy 94208117
2 D.Sowmya 94208120
22 Helmon Safety With Entertainment Sri Eshwar College Of Engineering 1 Shree Hariharan.B 94208343
2 Sharon Richaa J 94205699
3 Arjun V S 94091455

The final project demo and validation will be done at IEEE Madras section on 13.04.2019 at 09.00 Hrs. – 13.00 Hrs., Room No.3, ISTE Professional Center, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kottur, Chennai -600 025.

Registered participants will be paid second class train fare / ordinary bus fare to attend this program.

Please note that all the projects submitted earlier were recorded and hence you are requested not to use the same module or part of the submitted project during SPF. IEEE appreciates participants to operate and show the final project as fabricated model rather than showing in the layout form.

Projects submitted is liable for the funding or rejection by juries and finally with the approval of IEEE Madras execom, participation certificate is not encouraged. 

Pls Note:
Participants are supposed to send the project report in advance i.e on or before 30th Mar 2019, one copy(hard & Soft)  duly signed by the principal not exceeding 8 pages as the soft copy (MS Word format).

Thanks and Regards,
Dr. R. Venkatesan
Chair – Sub Committee
(IEEE Student Project)
IEEE Madras section