14th to 17th, December  IEEE Madras Section FDP on Control and Stability Aspects in Microgrid  Brochure
26th to 29th Aug IEEE Madras Section Deep Learning Network and Its Applications Brochure
6th to 9th May IEEE Madras Section FDP on “Electric Vehicle Technologies”–  Brochure


21th-22th Feb
K. Ramakrishnan College of Technology Modern Trends in Image Processing –  Brochure


25th-27th July
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Microgrid and Grid Integration Issues of Distributed Generation – Brochure
24th -26th May
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and
Software Tools for Simulation and Analysis of Power Systems – Brochure


27th  – 28th Apr
PSNA College of Engineering Internet of Things: Communication Technologies  – Brochure
10th -11th  Apr
St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology Advances in Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Brochure


1st – 3rd Dec
SSN College of Engineering Antenna Design and Measurement Techniques – Brochure
21st – 22nd Oct
ECE Department Knowledge Institute of Technology Medical Informatics Extraction Using Soft Computing Techniques – Brochure / Report
15th -16th Sep
KLN College of Engineering Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving using New Technologies– Brochure Report



30th Oct
Jeppiaar Engineering College Chennai
Application of Intelligent Controllers in Renewable Energy System – Brochure
29th Aug
Sona College of Technology, Salem Exploring the Role of Language Lab in Training the Students in Language Skills – Brochure


8th – 9th May
S.A. Engineering College,
Soft Computing And Simulation for Power Engineering- Brochure
14th – 15th Nov
National Engineering College. Kovilpatti
Mobile Application Development Using Android: A Next Generation Technique –Brochure
29th – 30th Dec
R&D Institute of Science and Technology. Chennai
Big Data Analytics with HADOOP – Brochure


27th – 28th Sep
CSI Institute of Technology, Kanyakumari
Neural and Fuzzy methods in engineering page 1 – Brochure – One / Two
25th – 26th Oct
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore
Advanced Control System page 2 – Brochure
31st May – 1st Jun
Arunai College of Engineering. Tiruvannamalai
Embedded Systems and its Application to Power System, Power Electronics – Brochure
24th – 25th Feb
Jeppaair Engineering College. Chennai
Electronic Design Automation for Vlsi And Graphical System Design For Communications & DSP – Brochure


30th Jun – 1st Jul
Akshaya College of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore
Soft Computing Techniques In Electrical Sciences – Recent Perspective – Brochure
9th – 10th May
V.M.K.V. Engineering College. Salem
A Complementary / Essentials Of Matlab & Labview – Theory & Practice – Brochure
30th Nov – 1st Dec
National Engineering College. Kovilpatti
A Research Perspective Issues on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) = UBIQUITOUS + PERVASICE + HAPTIC Technologies – Brochure


16th – 17th Dec
Kumaraguru College of Technology. Coimbatore
Intelligent Control Using MATLAB – Brochure
7th – 8th Oct
Jeppaair Engineering College. Chennai
Intelligent Computing to Clean Energy – Brochure
4th – 5th Nov
Anna Univeristy of Technology. Madurai
Wavelets and it’s applications –Brochure
24th – 25th Mar
K.S. Rangaswamy College of Technology, Tiruchengode
Efficient Energy Management in Clean & Renewable Energy Systems – Brochure
18th – 19th Jan
Sona College of Technology. Salem
Advanced controllers for electric drives – Brochure


3rd – 4rd Sep
Jeppaair Engineering College. Chennai
High voltage in power system and power quality – Brochure
26th – 27th Feb
Karunya School of Science and Humanities, Coimbatore
Recent Trends In Applied Mathematics – Brochure
6th – 7th Feb
Velammal Engineering College. Chennai
Natural Computation In Engineering – Brochure


24th – 25th Apr
Velammal Engineering College. Chennai
Intelligent Software Agents For Knowledge Engineering – Brochure
18th -19th, Dec
Karunya University, Coimbatore
Graphical Systems Design Concepts (Using Labview) – Brochure
Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology
Software Tools For Simulation And Analysis Of Power System – Brochure
11th -12th Sep
Karunya School of Electrical Sciences
FPGA based System Design using EDA Tools- Brochure


20th – 21st Dec
Bharathidasan University
Trends in Computing – Brochure
26th – 27th Apr
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Semi Conductur Devises & Analog Circuits – Front Page – Brochure
26th – 27th Apr
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Semi Conductur Devises & Analog Circuits – Back Page – Brochure


31st Mar – 1st Apr
Department of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Networks & Systems – Brochure
7th – 8th Apr
Indian Institute of Technology Madras Computer Applicaitons in Power Systems- Brochure
24th – 25th Nov
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Probability & Random Processes, Digital Communication – Brochure


14th – 15th Oct
IIT Madras, Chennai
Course on Computer Organization and Architecture –Brochure