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12th, June

Webinar on “Atomic Science” on 12/06/2021 (05:30 pm to 06:30 pm)

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 2nd, June

  A Webinar on Building and Leading a Voluntary Organization

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24th , April

Webinar on Current Trends of Artificial in Industrial Applications 

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21st, April

Webinar on “Challenges in an Industry Innovations through Low Cost Automation 

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29th, January

Technical Talk on Science Behind Engineering Materials 

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2nd September Webinar on Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Architecture, Operation and Control Click Here
8th August Research and Innovation on Emerging Technologies to sustainable Development Goals Click Here
27th June Webinar Software Development Trends Click Here
25th June Webinar on “IEEE Publications:Enhancing your career” Click Here
14th June Webinar on Post Covid19 – Future of Industries Click Here
12th June Webinar on E-Mobility-Trends& Opportunities Click Here
25th May Webinar on “AI/ML Advancements and Potential Applications” Click Here
19th May Webinar on “Interdisciplinary Projects in Assistive Technology Engineering” Click Here
14th May Webinar on “Awareness of IEEE Awards” Click Here
10th May Webinar on Storytelling for kids Click Here
6th May Webinar on “Smart Grid Technology in India” Click Here
2nd May Webinar on “Controls and Estimation: Past, Present and Future” Click Here


21st Jul Near Real Time Data Analytics Invite
13th Jul Semiconductor Device Progression and Impact on Human Thought Process Invite
6th Apr Digitalization Trends in Enterprises Invite
21st Mar Security Challenges and Opportunities in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks Invite
15th Mar Data Driven Infographics Invite
24th Feb Satellite Technology – Advancements and  Challenges Invite
28th Jan E-Waste Management Invite


20th Aug Wireless Sensor Networks Invite
24th Jun System Design Technologies
11th May Communication Systems in Indian Railways: Today and Tomorrow
9 th May Easy ways to save the Planet – Starting with Your Little Corner of It
29th Mar Digital India, Make in India, Skill India & Startup India
14th Mar Life as Software Engineer  and  Final year CS Projects: How to select a meaningful final year project? Invite
27th Feb VIisual Cryptgraphy
25th Jan
IEEE eLearning Library Tools for Promoting Engineering Education


5th Oct Tackling Online Hate and Extremism in Social Media – Dr. Andre Oboler
19th Aug Distinguished Speaker Program – Alphones & Eng Leong Ta Imaging Arithmetic: Physics U Math > Physics + Math – Prof. Gaurav Sharma
8th Aug Recent Trends In Electrical Sciences – Dr.K. Sami Durai
4th Aug Periodic Structures and their Applications to Antennas & Development of Educational App with FDTD Simulations on Portable Device Invite
29th Jul Types of fuel cells based on materials as the power sources – Dr.N.Kumarappan
21st Apr Basic Electrical Safety – Dr. N. Kumarappan
14th Mar Internet of Things (IoT) – Mr. D. Ramesh Babu
9th Jan Bio-inspired Computing – Dr.P.GaneshKumar


12th Dec Current Technology and Challenges for Medical Imaging – Dr.B.Priestly Shan
24th Nov Computational Intelligence Tools in Engineering – Dr.N. Kumarappan
15th Nov Water-Energy-Food Nexus – Mr. K.V. Rupchand
20th Sep Amateur Radio Communications, Software and Computer Networks in Education – Miroslav Misko Skoric
19th Sep
Competencies and Skills for Core Engineers – Er.D. Devarajan
19th Feb Terahertz Technology and its Applications – Mr. Goutam Chattopadhyay


19th Oct Vancouver Revisited: Future of Energy Industry- Er. K.V. Rupchand
2nd Sep
Do Engineering: Preparing Students to Design Cyber Physical System- Mr. Shekhar Sharad
23rd Aug
Wireless Monitoring & Control in Process Industries – Mr. D. Sundarasekaran
28th Jun
Introduction to the Emerging field of Terahertz Photonics and its Applications in Security, Spectroscopy and Imaging – Dr. Bala Pesala
15th Mar
Robot and its Techniques of Autonomous Vehicle Design – Dr. K Sridharan