Madras Section Society activities

Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons


11.12.2020 Technical Talk on Problem Solving Ideation Dr.Muthumanickam Thangavelu


23.10.2020 Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in India Dr.Sheela Thangarajan


  Antennas and Propagation Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 07th March 2020 National Workshop on Women in Antenna Engineering Multiple
2 6th August 2020 Webinar on “Concepts of array antennas for Radar Applications” Dr. P. Ray, DIAT, Pune
3 14-19 August 2020 IEEE Lecture Series on “Future Antenna Technologies” Multiple
4 7-12 Sept. 2020 IEEE Faculty Development Programme on “Trends in Antennas” Multiple
5 18 Oct. 2020 Webinar on “Future Flexible Electronics – Flexible Antennas” Dr Shanmuga Sundhar
6 10th Oct. 2020 Webinar 1.0-“5G Millimeter-wave Antennas” Dr. Aakash Bansal
7 20th Oct. 2020 Webinar 2.0 – “RF sensing of Low RCS Aerial Target”
8 24th Oct.2020 Webinar 3.0 – “EBG structure and their applications for Antenna design” Dr. Taimoor Khan
9 31st Oct.2020 Webinar 4.0 – Design and research challenges of Satellite Antennas Dr. V. Mahadevan
10 7th Nov.2020 Webinar 5.0 – “Planar Transmission line for Antenna Applications” Prof S. Raghavan
11 14th Nov. 2020 Webinar 6.0 – “Antennas for Space Applications” Dr. Surendra Paul


 Computational Intelligence Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 28,29 Sept2020 International Conference Multiple
2 26th June 2020 International Seminar Multiple
3 19th May 2020 Interdisciplinary projects in assistive technology engineering Dr S K Ramesh
4 25th May 2020 AL/ML Advancements and Potential Applications Mr Mukund Kannan
5 16th Dec 2020 Intelligence unit commitment with vehicle to grid using hybrid optimization technique. Dr N Kumarappan


  Control Systems

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1. 22nd Feb 2020 IEEE TEMS  Industrial Forum on Future of Technology Management Mr. Rajendran Dandapani
2. 29th Dec 2020


Technical Lecture Understanding key concepts of Electric Circuits” Prof S.Muthukumar
3. 28 – 30 May 2020 Faculty Development Program on Understanding Data Analytics with Real-Life Cases Multiple



Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 23/05/2020 Guest lecture on Time to Reform us Ms. Adlin Viji
2 25/07/2020 Guest lecture on IEEE in Real Life   Er. SHARATH B
3 04/07/2020 Guest lecture on Role of Engineers in Humanity  Ms V Evangelin, & Ms J P Reshma
4 10/10/2020 Webinar ML for Beginners   Mr Ghanshyam Chodavadiya


 Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1. 20th Jun 2020 Webinar On Endoscope – Structure And Maintenance of Olympus India Mr. Yogesh Shukla   & Mr. Koyal Adlakha
2. 8th Aug 2020 Role Of Imaging Systems In Medical Diagnosis Dr. A. Murugesan, Janson’s
3 29th Aug 2020 Application Exploration Of Iot In Covid -19 Challenge Mr. K.Raguvaran
4 22nd Dec  2020 DESIRE – A Personality Development Program Dr. K.A. Agalya
5 26th Dec 2020 Current Trends In Medical Image Analysis Dr. Vimal
6 28th Dec 2020 Biomedical Engineering Innovation Generation For Healthcare Democratization Prof. Michael Friebe


 Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 24-12-2020 Webinar On Geo-Spatial Application In Precision Forestry Dr. M. Muneeshwaran
2 18-11-2020 Webinar On Machine Learning Techniques And Image Processing Dr. T. Senthilkumar
3 15-06-2020 International Webinar On Spatially Enabling United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Dr. Zaffar Mohamed-Ghouse
4 08-06-2020 International Live Webinar On 3D GIS Dr. Elżbieta Lewandowicz


Power Electronics Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 30th Nov 2020 Workshop Reliability Analysis of Photovoltaic Impedance Source Inverters Dr.M.Sujatha & Dr.D.Umarani
2 19-21.Nov 2020. Workshop Machine Learning Applications for Power Engineers Multiple
3 20-21, Feb2020 Two Days Workshop on PCB Design and Circuit Design for Power Converters Dr. V.T. Sreedevi

Prof. Nilanjan Tewari

Dr. Meenakshi

4 29th June .2020 Technical Talk Smart Grid Protection System Dr. K. N. Dinesh Babu


Photonics Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1 25.4.2020 Essential Tips for Publishing in High Impact Journals Dr.M.Venkateshkumar
2 12.05.20 Webinar on Image processing and its applications Mr.J.Joshan Athanesious
3 26.4.2020 Volunteering with IEEE Ms.M.Aathira
4 03.05.2020 Exploring Student Branch Activities
5 08.08.20 Webinar on Gear up for IEEE Extreme 14.0 Global Challenge Abdul Halim
6 20.12.20 Quiz on Light & Shadow- A Quiz Event


Robotics and Automation


Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic


Resource Persons
1. 21- 22.02.2020 National Conclave on Industrial IoT, Renewable Energy and Machine Learning Multiple
2. 03-07.08.2020 FDP Augmented Reality Mr. K. R. Vijayarajan
3 23.04.2020 An Overview on augmented and virtual reality Mr. K. R. Vijayarajan
4 02.06.2020 Technical  talk  on Surgical Robot Mr. Aravinthkumar Thangavelu
5 03.06.2020 Technical  talk on Robotic Process Automation for manufacturing management Mr. B. Prasanna
6 04.06.2020 Technical  talk on Industrial Automation Dr. C. Maheswari
7 05.06.2020 Technical  talk on Robotic Principles and Application Mr. Balaji Thiru & Dr.Sagunthala
8 06.06.2020 Technical  talk on Practical approach towards  Autonomous Systems Mr. R. Sakthi Vignesh
9 08.06.2020 Technical  talk on Advancements of Artificial Intrlligence and Machine Learning in Robotics & Mr. R. Krishnamoorthy


Technology and Engineering Management Society

Sl. No. Event Date/s Topic Resource Persons
1. 20-21, Jan 2020 Intl. Conference   Urban Data Sciences with the theme on Smart Cities Multiple
2. 02 May, 2020 National Conference Web Conference on “Skill Enhancement / Re-skilling during the Lockdown Ms. N. Dhamayanthi & Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan
3. 22.02.2020 IEEE TEMS Industry Forum – Madras Multiple
4. 22.04.2020 Deployment of Telehealth: A perspective for Technologists” (In the context of COVID 19 pandemic) Prof. K. Ganapathy
5. 10.05.2020 Personal Finance for Techies Mr. Ranganath Muthu,
6. 20.05.2020 Neoskilling for Digital Transformation & AI Revolution Mr S. Ramachandran
7. 30.05.2020 Research Directions in IoT and Fog Computing Dr. C. S. R. Prabhu
8. 01.06.2020 Blending Life’s Vision & Business Vision Dr Baby Sam Sammuel
9. 25.06.2020 Computer Communication and Virtualization Technology Er.R.Seetharaman
10. 28.06.2020 Blockchain: Revolutionising the World Economy Mr. Vinod Sharma.P
11. 10.07.2020 Webinar on Assistive Technology Engineering Dr.S.K. Ramesh
12. 02.08.2020 Facing the Challenges of COVID-19 ? Dr.Andy chen & Dr.Ravikiran
13. 11.08.2020 Advanced Life Support Dr Ashwini Priyanka V
14. 12.08.2020 IOT – The Game Changer in Medical Field Dr. S Karunakaran
15 19.08.2020 KNOW YOUR IEEE Mr.Eugene Kingsley and Ms.Sana
16. 30.12.2020 Hardware efficient design and path planning algorithm for FPGA based autonomous robot Mr.V.Sudharsan