IEEE Student Project Funding 2015-16


Applications are invited for the IEEE student funding (2015-16) from the student members. 

  1. IEEE Student Project funding (IEEESPF) maximum amount of Rs. 15,000/- will be granted.
  2. IEEE would like to fund maximum of two projects per college, which includes the minimum two and maximum four students in a project-batch.
  3. Faculties as a guide are requested to propose only one project for IEEESP funding in a financial year.
  4. IEEESPF proposals are to be submitted through the IEEE student branch counselor and the principal to the IEEE Madras section through e-mail,, in the Word format (*.doc) only.
  5. All the correspondence to be communicated through email / hard copy by post. The subject should be in the form(College name_guidename_date of correspondence; Kamban Engineering College_G.Elangovan_31st October 2015; subject as KEC_GE_311014).
  6. Thirty IEEE funded projects titled are listed as Appendix-B, which can’t be repeated for the funding request.

Appendix -A

A certificate of the form typed below as Appendix-A, should be enclosed.

This is to certify that Mr/Miss ——- (Include names of all the team members along with their IEEE student membership number) are bonafide final year UG students.  It is also certified that final project report along with utilization certificate signed by the project guide & Principal will be sent to the IEEE Madras Section in the *.doc format through e-mail.

  1. The information regarding the financial assistance will be announced o 23rd April 2016.
  2. The maximum amount that could be sanctioned is Rs.15,000/-. Additional expenditure, if any shall be borne by the institute itself.
  3. The Maximum number of projects that could be supported is TEN.
  4. The project duration shall be for SIX months
  5. The format for the submission of the proposal is as given below
    a. Name(s) of student (s) with contact details (mobile, e-mail, mailing address)
    b. IEEE membership details
    c. Name of the Department
    d. Name of the College with address
    e. Name of the Guide with contact details (mobile, e-mail, mailing address)
    f. Title of the Project
    g. Brief description of the project (Objective, Methodology, Monthly action plan for 6 months)
    h. Budget allocation with break-up
    i. Signature of the students/Project guide/IEEE student branch counselor/Principal