In order to bring standards for the international conferences and to obtain technical sponsor by IEEE Madras Section, it is decided to streamline approval process. The following guidelines will be imposed by IEEE Madras section. All institutions / IEEE Organisational Units attached to IEEE Madras Section, desirous of organising the International Conferences are required to follow these guidelines. Further, they are also look the relevant IEEE websites and adhere to the norms specified there too. Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS) fee of $ 1000 is payable as per the IEEE TCS norms approved by MCE from 1st Jan 2018. TCS fee in rupees as specified should be paid to IEEE Madras Section in the form of a demand draft payable to “IEEE MADRAS section” at Chennai before sponsorship approval.

Student Branch

Active Student Branch (SB) is essentially

  • SB should have a well maintained and updated website to publish all the activity
  • SB should have provided periodical information to the Section, beginning of every calendar year and as and when required to facilitate good coordination.
  • c. SB activity report for the previous year should be enclosed as proof.
  • d. A minimum 30 (6 in case of SB society chapter) active student members on the date of submission of the application.
  • e. A minimum 12 (6 in case of SB society chapter) activities in the preceding 1 year. Additionally, a photo of the stage showing IEEE logo displayed prominently on the top right hand corner of the stage for each event and a report should have been submitted to IEEE MAS LINK
  • f. EXCOM members / Society or Affinity group Office Bearers / Senior Members of IEEE to be one of the guests (travel grant to be paid as per IEEE MAS norms).
  • g. The details (Names, location, mail id & mobile number) of EXCOM members / Society or Affinity group Office Bearers / Senior Members of IEEE will be made available on the IEEE Madras section website or can be obtained on demand from Section office.

Professional Membership

  • a. The Conference Chair/ proposer should be a member of IEEE & Society if applicable at least for 2 years.
  • At the time of submission of application, there should be a minimum of 6 professional members and 2 society members if applicable, from the host Institution.
    • Minimum student members / Graduate student members: 30
      Minimum professional members: 6
      Total active IEEE members: 40 
  • With the experiences obtained in organizing these events, the SB is encouraged to bid for Section / India council / Region 10 / IEEE International events rather than local one of its kind international conferences. Be assured of Madras Section support.


  • The applications for technical sponsorship should be routed through Society (if sponsorship is sought) and then Section and if not, it may be liable to be rejected at a later stage for not fulfilling the norms.
  • If the application is co-sponsored, Section Society Chapter Chair should also ensure that the prescribed norms for the SB Society chapters in terms of membership and activities are fulfilled.
  • IEEE MAS section will give only technical sponsorship and no financial commitment.
  • The application for the technical sponsorship should be made sufficiently earlier, about 16 to 24 months in advance of the conference as per the IEEE requirement (refer IEEE conference application page).
  • Conferences to be held in online mode will not be considered by the EC


  • a. Co-sponsored Society Chairs are to be included in the Technical committee.
  • The Chairman of IEEE Madras Section and a few EXECOM members are to be included in any one of the committees – Advisory / Technical depending on their interest.
  • c. One of the IEEE Madras Section’s Office Bearers is to be invited to Conference (meeting with the travel and hospitality) either for Inauguration or Valediction.
  • Conference promotional website, brochure etc. should have the logo of IEEE Madras section clearly shown.

Publication / Proceedings


  • a. The Conference Chair / Organizing Secretary along with a responsible official of the Institute should give an undertaking that:
  • b. They will take an undertaking from the authors that the work submitted original content and is not / will not be published elsewhere.
  • c. The papers which are selected for publication should be checked for plagiarism through legal software.
  • d. The organizers will solely be responsible for any plagiarism and dealing with cases related to plagiarism.
  • e. IEEE and IEEE Madras are indemnified in this exercise.
  • f. It should be noted that If any published work is identified as plagiarized later the SB & Organizers are liable to be blacklisted for a minimum period of 5 years


  • a. Review should be done on full pape Paper submitted for publication should have 4 pages minimum and limited to maximum 6 pages double column, Times New Roman, 10 font.
  • The number of reviewers should be proportional to the number of papers proposed to be published. A reviewer is permitted to review a maximum of 4 papers.
  • c. To ensure proper quality of the publication, there will be stringent requirement on the reviewe Name, Designation, Establishment, Highest degree, mail id and years of service after highest degree should be given in a table and separate file
  • One fourth of reviewers must be resident abroad
  • e. Another one fourth must be IEEE members with a minimum of 3 years membership. Apart from the above details membership number also to be given in another column.
  • f. The rest of the reviewers may be from any reputed institutions / organizations, qualified in the areas of interest to the conference.
  • g. There will be random scrutiny of the credentials of the reviewers, which may take 6 months or so.
  • h. Every paper must be reviewed at least by two reviewers and at least one of them must be from the panel listed in item 3 and 4.
  • i. The organizers are encouraged to get at least 10% of the publications from authors resident abroad.
  • j. The organisers should communicate clearly to the authors that the acceptance of any publication by the conference does not guarantee publication by IEEE Xplore Digital Library or any other IEEE Journals; since they have their own quality control process. There should not be any promise. The authors cannot make any claim on this item.
  • k. Conferences that are publishing in IEEE Xplore must have ecopy-right form for each published paper and collect a Technical Co-Sponsorship fee of $22/- per paper

Involvement of IEEE

Conference Chair / Organizing Secretary should give:

  • a. A brief presentation to be made to IEEE Madras Section either in person / by sending PPT.
  • b. Monthly status updates have to be sent to IEEE Madras Section OB
  • c. A detailed report along with few photos are to be submitted to IEEE MAS LINK; depending on the importance of and response for the conference, the report may be forwarded to IEEE India Council newsletter by the Section.
  • d. Also the closing requirement like Technical Program Questionnaire to be completed as required by the IEEE HQ.
  • e. If these formalities are not completed the next application for sponsorship by the people concerned may not be considered.