What is GOLD?

GOLD stands for Graduates Of Last Decade. IEEE GOLD is channel provided by IEEE for young professional to actively involve in various activities of IEEE and access to various resources for career and personal development.

How to become IEEE GOLD member?

If you are an IEEE member who received first professional degree within the past ten years then you are automatically a part of GOLD. There is no signing up or an additional group to join.


How it can benefit me? GOLD was designed to meet the professional needs of members within ten years experience as an Engineer and offer activities that help bridge the transition from student to career professional. GOLD is geared toward professional development, while emphasizing current issues. It encourages networking between members with similar interests and concerns.

I like to know more about IEEE GOLD

You can get more information about GOLD and GOLD groups throughout the world in IEEE GOLD website http://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/gold/. If you have any question, please feel free to email me. I hope to get a chance to meet more you and your families at future GOLD or IEEE section events.

I am currently a Student member and I will soon graduate. How can I become a GOLD member?

A: You will become a GOLD member automatically as soon the IEEE gets informed about your graduation (i.e. if you renew your membership the following year).

How do I make use of the IEEE’s reduced membership fee for GOLD members?

A: Your membership fee is reduced automatically if you have been a student member before you became a full member. You will take advantage of the lower fees for the first 5 years of your membership. If the discount is not considered in your case, you should contact IEEE Member Services !